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The Cryoskin Facial Treatment Is a Painless, Non-Surgical Solution to Clearer, Tighter and More Vibrant Skin!

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 Firm & Tighten Skin, Reduce The Appearance of Wrinkles, and Improve Skin Texture & Clarity!

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Results Speak for Themselves


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It?

The pricing varies depending on the number of sessions each individual needs depending on their skin condition and the results that they are looking to achieve.

We always encourage that our clients start with a no-cost, no-obligation in-person consultation, so that we can see your specific needs and provide a personalized service plan. 


How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The number of sessions needed really depends person to person, since everyone is unique and has different goals that they want to achieve. Because everyone's health and lifestyle is different, every person's natural system works uniquely.

For some women, one treatment is enough for the results they want. You will see results immediately with your first treatment. For other people, additional treatments produce even greater results.

As a quick rule of thumb, the results from 3 to 6 sessions are equal to the results of a face/neck lift. For nearly every patient who has tried it, this treatment has completely replaced facelifts, Botox, fillers, and chemical peels.


How Does It Work?

Cryoskin® Facial is a service that leverages cold temperatures that may increase blood flow and oxygen, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores while improving tightness and firmness of skin.


Does It Hurt?

No, because it's a non-invasive treatment it's completely painless! Actually it's quite relaxing. You could think of it like massage with both warmth and cold.


How Long Is The Recovery Time?

There's no downtime! You can resume your regular routine right away.

Because the treatment is noninvasive and doesn’t use any chemicals there’s no redness or soreness. You can get on with your day immediately.

You may be a little pink because we do use cold, but this goes away within 5-10 minutes after treatment.


How Should You Prepare For It?

No prep necessary. If you’re wearing makeup we will clean your face before your treatment.


Can Anyone Do This Treatment?

Since the Cryoskin Facial is a non-invasive treatment, almost everyone can do the treatment. The only reason someone wouldn't be able to do a treatment is if they recently have had Botox injections or fillers in the last 60 days, or have a cold sensitivity.

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