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Tips for Maintenance of African American Hair

African American hair has an exceptional profile and structure that is delicate and prone to injury. This type of hair, therefore, requires frequent and focused care to promote growth and luster. Fortunately, multiple ways to minimize hair injury and maintain beautiful hair have come up. To help keep healthy African American hair, dermatologists have recommended some tips. As per the American Academy of Dermatology Association, suggested tips include washing hair at least once every other week to maintain a clean scalp and hair (American Academy of Dermatology Association, 2022). By doing this, the build-up of hair products is prevented; therefore, the hair does not become dry, and breaking is minimized.

Another tip is the use conditioner every time one washes the hair. Apply the conditioner at the hair ends as the tips are the oldest parts of the hair and thus prone to breakage. African American hair maintains its curl and color when the hair ends are cared for well. Also, applying treatment at least every month. Treatment should be carefully applied from the base of the hair to the tips to maintain and add moisture and elasticity to one's hair. Different types of treatment can be used, but hot oil treatment does the trick on African American hair.

Using heat-protecting hair products before styling one's hair is also a crucial tip for individuals with African American hair. Heat application on hair is often damaging but, when done correctly, maintains the integrity of an individual's hair (American Academy of Dermatology Association, 2022). Before using heat to style, apply heat-protecting products and some moisture to minimize heat damage. In addition, using relaxers with caution is also an essential tip for individuals with African American hair. Seek professional help to ensure the safe application of relaxers. Touch-ups are done only on newly grown hair and by a hair professional. Application of relaxers on already relaxed hair can excessively damage one's hair structure and lead to hair breakage.

Studies have proved that using an iron or ceramic combs to press hair is an effective practice to maintain hair. Hair pressing is done at least once a week. The straightening device should have a regulator to prevent it from becoming too hot, and the lowest temperatures possible are used (American Academy of Dermatology Association, 2022). According to the bulk of one's, thicker hair can withstand higher temperatures. Finally, plaiting of braids, cornrows or weaves should be loosely done to avoid injury to the scalp. When pain is experienced while styling the hair, stop and redo the style less tightly. Pain is positively linked to damaged roots in individuals with African American hair.

In summation, damaged hair can significantly lower an individual's self-esteem; therefore, it is vital to care for one's hair, especially African American hair, as it is tricky to maintain its growth and structure. Any changes in texture and appearance need immediate management as they may be a sign of damage or loss of hair.


American Academy of Dermatology Association (2022). "Black Hair: Tips for Everyday Care." American Academy of Dermatology.

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