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How Often We Should Wash Our Hair?

There is no specific recommendation on how often we should wash our hair. One can decide to wash hair daily after two or three days. However, the issue of washing our hair is confusing. Some think that we should wash our hair daily. The decision to wash hair daily is not a surprise since the squeaky-clean refreshing of the hair triggers it. However, it is not necessary to wash our hair daily, just as we wash our face. Even though it is an essential part of a routine, overdoing it upsets our body's natural balance of healthy oils that aid in skin moisturizing. Also, daily washing of our hair is unnecessary because it causes unintentional and actual damage to hair by making it dry and brittle, causing scalp irritation (Lehrer et al., 2020).

We should consider washing our hair once or twice weekly since it is healthy. Therefore, we should avoid washing our hair daily because when it is wet, it swells up, making it more vulnerable. When washing hair, we always use detergents such as shampoo and conditioner, so we should avoid frequent washing of our hair. For one, the shampoo and conditioner (detergents) we use are dangerous. They easily damage the outer layer (hair cuticles). According to SA & MA (2019), we should not wash our hair daily or frequently because after it dries, it does not lay perfectly flat, making the hair look dull and hard to comb. As a result, it increases the odds of having spilt hair. Lastly, our scalp is sensitive and needs us to take more caution. The most significant caution we need to take is on how we wash our hair. We should avoid regular washing since it exposes our scalp to detergents, which leads to irritation, while it causes itching and rashes on others.


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