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How to Keep Your Hair Safe in-between Blowouts!

Blowouts are one of the most beloved ways to style hair all around the world. There are numerous different blowout styles suitable for any occasion imaginable. From the sleek and smooth Manhattan style to fun and effortless Mai Tai to voluminous Southern Comfort Style and soft romantic Cosmo, everyone will be able to find the one style that they fall in love with.

Blowouts create a signature look and elevate your style; however, there may be some negative effects if you do not take proper precautionary measures to keep your hair healthy and luscious outside of the blowouts. At Drybar, we always use special heat protecting spray before every blowout to ensure that the hair is safe and protected from the heat of the blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and other hair styling tools. Heat protecting sprays are one of the most important tools to prevent heat damage ; however, there are also other useful ways to ensure the health and long-lasting beauty of your hair.

One way to make your hairstyle last longer and keep your hair cleaner for extended periods of time is to use clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo gets rid of the dirt, oils and buildup from your scalp and promotes freshness. Moreover, it makes your hair more weightless which also makes your blowouts stay longer, so you don’t have to worry about looking flawless after your hairstyle appointment.

Another way to ensure the health and beauty of your hair is to make sure to use a conditioner after every hair wash, as well as use hair masks and deep conditioning at least once a week. Since everyone’s hair is different, the frequency of using a deep conditioner may vary based on your hair type. For people with damaged and very dry hair, it would be beneficial to use hair masks and conditioners up to 2 times a week; whereas, people with more oily hair or more buildup may need to use it once every two weeks in order to avoid any more product buildup. But no matter what your hair type is, it is crucial to incorporate deep conditioning into your routine to keep your hair smoother, less frizzy and stronger, especially when you apply any sort of heat.

Lastly, make sure to avoid excess heat and use lower heat modes whenever it is possible, while also using heat protection whenever you use any drying or styling hot tools on your hair. Using heat everyday may be detrimental to your hair and their health, so it is important to use preventative measures and also follow the correct after-care routine for your hair.

Following with simple steps to keep your hair safe from damage will ensure that your hair stays healthy and gorgeous in-between all of your appointments, as well as allow your hairstyles to last much longer.


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By Alina Myakota

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