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Interesting Facts about Eyelashes

Eyelashes enhance the beauty of the eyes and the face. Most people, especially women, put much effort into improving their eyelashes' appearance through makeup and cosmetics. The following are some fun facts about eyelashes;

1. Eyelashes are a habitat for tiny mites.

Some mutual symbiotic mites referred to as Demodex live in our eyelashes. It is a symbiotic relationship because our eyelashes are the mite's homes, and as a result, they help to remove dirt and debris that might occur in the lashes. Additionally, these mites clean the eyelash follicles, offering protection from eye infections.

2. Eyelashes can be styled.

Using mascara to darken the lashes is one way of styling. Notably, ancient Egyptian eyelash tools have been found and preserved in museums. Therefore, it is agreeable that eyelashes have been an important accessory for years (Alzahrani et al., 2021).

3. Eyelashes grow and develop in phases

There is the active growth period (anagen stage), the transitional period (catagen stage), and the resting period (telogen stage). During the active phase, research indicates about 16mm of eyelash growth (Alzahrani et al., 2021). A research study also suggests that the longest eyelashes belonged to a man and were about 7 centimeters long.

4. The upper eyelashes are known to be thicker than the lower ones. The lower eyelashes are about 100; the upper is twice as much as the lower lashes.

5. Eyelashes are our eyes’ protective and external sensory structures.

The lashes keep dirt, pollen, sweat, and other tiny debris from entering our eyes. The sensitivity of the lashes to touch lets us know if debris enters our eyes. Our eyes involuntary movements of eye closure when debris enters our eyes, thanks to our eyelashes.

6. Eyelashes are made of protein.

Like our nails, eyelashes are made of the protein keratin, a strong, non-living substance. The keratin protein triggers growth when eyelashes are cut. In addition, keratin repair the lashes and protect them against potential damage.


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