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Personality Based on the Shape of the Eyes

Eyes are among the first things an individual can notice when they meet someone. People can use their eyes to determine someone’s feelings, behaviors, emotions and thoughts. From the numerous studies conducted over the years, it was concluded that the shape of the eyes says a lot about an individual’s personality and health.

1. Close and Wide Set Eyes

Close-set eyes on people predict that they are disciplined, traditional, successful, focused, detail-minded and have little desire for changes. These people are prone to stress. Wide-set eyes mean an individual is tolerant, adventurous, loving, adaptable, experimental and flexible. They tend to see far, have no fixed routine and can easily balance their life.

2. Large and Small Eyes

Large eyes are believed to indicate intellectual curiosity in an individual. A person with large eyes tends to be more creative, passionate and very approachable. Large eyes are associated with bright ideas and being genuine. However, individuals may take advantage of people with large eyes due to their openness. Small eyes are associated with more focus and precision among individuals. People with small eyes are believed to be perfect, attentive, logical, observant and far-sighted. People with small eyes do not trust others easily and may be mistaken as arrogant.

3. Upturned and Downward Eyes

Upturned eyes indicate that an individual is opportunistic, ambitious, optimistic, motivated entertaining and extroverted. These people have cat eyes and are curious since they know what they want. People with downward slanted eyes tend to be more shy, pessimistic and dependent. People can easily get along with them and hence make more friends.

4. Deep-Set or Protruding Eyes

People with deep-set eyes have deeper sockets and seem to be open. These individuals are more progressive, romantic, observant, analytic and idealistic. Prominent eyes indicate that an individual is very sensitive, warm-hearted and easily be approached. However, these people are pessimistic.

5. Almond and Round-Shaped Eyes

People with almond-shaped eyes are believed to be compassionate, attentive, warm, cautious, cool and exotic and rarely show emotions. They make people around them more comfortable and happier. Individuals with round eyes tend to be emotional and can hardly keep their thoughts or feelings to themselves. These people are expressive, charming, bold and creative.


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