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We Acquired Three Drybar Shops in Boston!

Great news! We acquired three Drybar shops in Boston last month including Drybar Chestnut Hill, Drybar Back Bay, and Drybar Downtown Crossing. Welcome to the Tejvi Family!

Following the latest hairstyle trend has become trend in these days, especially amongst young people. A greater population of women LOVE long hair, Drybar shops aim at assisting them achieve their desired hairstyles to help them stand out (Casserly, 2012). Apart from blowouts, Drybar shops offer additional services such as head massages, moisturizing treatments, and updos, which help increase relaxation and clients’ confidence and satisfaction. The Drybar business involves more direct interaction with customers. Therefore, it is easy to know what customers need or want. Acquiring Drybar shops was influenced by the availability of numerous customers who need to get their hair done, especially during the weekends. Hairdressing is an industry that can easily be diversified and thus, new styles can be offered depending on the shape, line or color.

Drybar does well in almost any location, especially a big city like Boston because it offers a wide range of hair services and has a distinct identity and fun environment for its clientele. Yes, it’s all about the EXPERIENCE as it is NOT JUST A BLOWOUT! Hair services depend on the season, therefore Drybar offers some of the boldest hairstyles during the summer including outstanding braids, buns, and fun updos; not to forget our most popular messy beach waves (the Mai Tai). Our great teams and leaders work hand in hand to ensure every client gets the look they want, and this ultimately leads to client satisfaction and loyalty to the Drybar services. Focusing on customers is important to increase the business-customer bond and thus, it becomes easy to get feedback on what areas need to be improved. There is a large market for Drybar services since hairdressing involves both genders. Hairdressing management also needs to be made on a regular basis hence giving it a good opportunity for the business.


Casserly, Meghan (2012). Drybar: How One Woman And A Hair Dryer Became A $20 Million Operation. Forbes Magazine,

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