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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Each color has its own symbolism and its own story throughout history. Colors like red, blue, purple and yellow were among one of the most adored and valued colors throughout centuries and different time periods. Other colors like black had a more negative meaning across different cultures.There were also some colors that were widely used that possessed great danger to people due to their poisonous components. Colors like white and green have been extremely dangerous to produce and use in everyday lives until very recently.

Through analyzing the meanings of colors, color psychology has been created. Color psychology is a study of how various colors affect an individual’s behavior, attitudes and emotions and is widely used in different fields. Since colors evoke certain emotions and behaviors in people, they may also indicate the most prominent personality traits in different individuals.

  • The color black indicates power, elegance and resilience.

  • White often signals purity, birth, and innocence.

  • Red symbolizes drive, adventures and passion

  • Purple means ambition, creativity and individuality.

  • Blue represents tranquility, peace and trust.

  • Orange and yellow symbolize energy, happiness, fun and warmth.

  • If you like green, you are more likely to be independent and be seen as very composed.

  • Brown represents stability and certainty.

  • Pink is associated with hope, romance and self-expression.

In conclusion, it is not only important to know what your most favorite color says about you, but also what colors could you use more in your life to bring in new emotions, feelings and overall improve your well-being. Surrounding yourself with certain colors may impact your attitude towards things and situations in your life, as well as bring more comfort and balance. It is important to keep in mind the color psychology and be mindful of what colors you use the most in your daily life.


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By Alina Myakota

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