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What Your Go-To Hairstyle Says About You

Hair influences individuals’ identity, self-esteem and confidence, which creates a sense of attractiveness. Hairstyles create a first impression and reveal a lot about people.

Different hairstyles are often associated with various meanings. While it is not always correct to judge a book by its cover, many people still judge others based on their hair. This shows that hair is visible, and people make suggestions on people’s character based on their physical appearance.

Long Hair

Women with long hair can be perceived as youthful, sexy, and lack of toughness (Holt, 2022). They are also more romantic, and creative.

Short Hair

Short hairstyles project professionalism and confidence since one has nothing to hide. The style could be a sign of self-acceptance, a new start, or independence.

Bald Head

Women who have a bald head (shaved or naturally) are considered to have high chances of being more romantic. This style also indicates that one has a sparkling personality or a huge heart for love.

Side Part Hair

People with side part hair are said to be compassionate and have a deep love for the people around or loved ones.

Curly Hair

Curly hairs in women indicate warm-hearted personality, generosity and fun-loving character. These people tend to perform and complete tasks faster than other individuals do (Cardellillo, 2014). They have traits such as love, leadership, aggression and passion. They also tend to have challenges focusing on one activity for long periods. However, this style shows less seriousness in an individual than the straight hairstyle.

Sleek-Straight Hair

Women with sleek-straight hair show perfection and the ability to take charge in all situations they are in.

Wavy Hair

Wavy locks indicate that an individual is creative and innovative. This style could show that an individual is deeply emotional or has high energy.

Red Hair

Women with red hair are perceived to be wild and fun-loving. This hair color stands out more than the other colors. This style indicates that the individual does not like being bored or wants to keep things light. The style is also associated with dramas, shyness and fear of rejection.

Grey Hair

Women with grey hair are seen as confident and unwilling to be into societal beauty standards. This style is associated with the elderly, an indication of getting old. The style is an expression that one is wise and knows what to do with their life (Holt, 2022).

Dark Hair

Dark hair in women shows that they are thoughtful and enigmatic. This hairstyle could be a sign of empowerment, resistance and celebration.

Blonde Hair

Women with this hair color are generally high maintenance. A survey has shown that the divorce rate is also higher in this category. Blonde hair color is perceived to be carefree, feminine, youthful, and obedient. And yes, you are a man magnet!


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