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The Start of Lash Extentions

The eyelash extension fashion trend started a long time ago and has remained popular till today. This fashion is believed to have started with the Ancient Egyptians when they were using ointments and brushes. The main reason for this beauty was to gain more flattery and protect people's eyes from the sun's rays. Eyelash extension was used by both men and women and was made from various materials such as malachite (LashLovers, 2022). Later, Romans adopted the extension practices. The adoption of long eyelashes was attributed to being a sign of molarity. Coal and burnt cork were used to give a glamorous look. Since then, eyelash extension fashion has been in and out due to new trends (LashLovers, 2022). The evolution of eyelash extension history began in the 1800s, where coal dust and Vaseline jelly were components. Parisian women enhanced their eyelashes by sewing hair on their eyelids and this led to more experiments in the twentieth century.

During the 20th century, more improvements were made to artificial eyelashes (believed to be from human hair), which involved strip lashes and glue-on lashes. Artificial eyelashes got patented during this period. This trend began making waves due to the influence of movie clips such as intolerance. The media took over to influence eyelash extension by advertising. This idea was first not accepted, but due to the impacts of popular movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe, the lash enhancement trend sparked and became a norm in western culture (Buhler, 2016). The demand grew, which led to more make-up manufacturers and advanced designs such as cluster lashes. Eyelash fashion popularity increased in the 21st century due to the favor from famous movie stars and celebrities. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Katty Perry and Kim Kardashian showed more interest in eyelash extensions (Buhler, 2016). These extensions were made in different colors, styles and materials. The modern materials involve animal hair, synthetic silk and human hair, making the lashes more comfortable, easy to apply and light, unlike in the past.


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