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Benefits of the Pumpkin Carving Contest in the Office

Corporates and businesses organize some activities considered therapeutic, one being pumpkin carving contests during Halloween. The pumpkin carving contest is an important activity that helps in planning and organization. Since Halloween is an annual celebration, the contest is probably planned ahead of time. In the office, the contest is used to develop employees' organizing and planning skills. Some considered options while planning for the contest include the supplies needed for the carving and the decoration needed for the costume, for example, paints. Therefore, employees acquire planning skills which are highly needed in an office context (Radwan et al., 2022). Pumpkin carving is also used as a safety procedure to educate the employees on the need for personal and office safety. When carving, sharp objects such as knives are used to cut holes and create carves in the pumpkin. Proper handling of knives is a basic life skill that defines how we take care of ourselves to avoid risks, harm, and danger. Consequently, even basic first aid skills can be taught and acquired when a colleague is accidentally injured.

A pumpkin carving contest is also beneficial in exploring the creativity levels of employees. Creativity skills are important in opening minds to new ideas and applying the ideas. (Radwan et al., 2022). Through the pumpkin carving contest, the office staff would think differently about how they want their pumpkin to look. For creativity to improve, time and freedom to think and develop something are important. Moreover, apart from being an engagement activity, a pumpkin carving contest in the office is necessary for team building. The employees use such activities to improve their office relationships. Conclusively, in instances of a fixed office environment, these contests help to close existing gaps between employees and employers, enhance participation and cooperation in the office and boost morale by breaking the monotony experienced in a hybrid office environment (Radwan et al., 2022).

Pumpkin Carving Contest at Tejvi Holdings, 2022


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