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Ways to Create a Healthy Workplace Environment

The workplace environment determines the overall performance of employees. Therefore, it is significant to create a healthy workplace environment. One way of creating a healthy workplace environment is by giving employees a real voice. In this case, employees should be given an opportunity to express their feelings as well as views. Secondly, a healthy work environment is created through a platform for employee engagement. For instance, an employer can develop a friendly-employee WhatsApp group whereby they can raise their matters privately and be presented to the manager or employer for evaluation and implementation. As per Edmonson et al. (2021), a healthy workplace environment is created through the showing of appreciation. Frequent employee appreciation of good work performance is a way of improving their engagement. Besides, it improves employee retention and satisfaction, creating a healthy workplace environment.

Lowe (2020) argues that focusing on the workplace creates a healthy workplace environment. The attractiveness of the workplace makes employees not just happy but also motivated. In such incidences, employees are encouraged to work hard because their well-being in the workplace is improved. Also, it encourages employees to promote healthy habits to stick to a well-oriented and healthy workplace. Therefore, it is recommendable for employers to invest in their workplaces ranging from offices to workshops.

A healthy workplace environment can be created by turning values into more than words. Employees needs to work and be part of organizations with compelling values, and an organization that practices and sticks to what it practices. As a result, employers are urged to develop and live with meaningful core values that derive from the culture and profits of the organization. Lastly, a healthy workplace is created through psychological trust and safety environment. Employers should create an environment that makes employees feel comfortable by building a foundation of genuine employee care.


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