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Reasons for Getting a Massage

It is recommended that people get a massage, especially for people with tension. Massage is associated with various benefits, such as stress reduction (Fogarty, 2022). People who attend massage sessions tend to feel more relaxed and at ease for a long period, which can extend to weeks after the appointment. Here are some benefits/reasons why you should get a massage:

Massage sessions improve blood circulation in the body. Body muscles loosen and allow increased flow of blood throughout the body organs. Human blood continuously circulates the body to provide oxygen and sweep waste products, which is a challenging task. Massage helps make it easier for blood movement within the body. Improved blood circulation is beneficial to the body because it reduces fatigue and helps people feel refreshed by relaxing the muscles.

Massage session helps improve individuals' flexibility, such as for the trunk. Massage boosts the body's immunity by changing the blood composition (Abdelhakim et al., 2020). People who get massage have higher blood protein levels, protecting the body from pathogens, infections and tumors.

Massaging is beneficial to people because it makes their exercises feel easier (Fogarty, 2022). There are times when people have tight muscles due to soreness. The tight muscles form resistance, which makes limbs feel heavy. Massage sessions help release this type of tension and allow blood flow. Massage can help put individuals to sleep. Facial sessions and foot rubs help reduce blood pressure and stimulate sleepiness.

Massage helps people know more about their bodies and limits. In most cases, self-massage helps individuals discover tight or sore areas that would have been hard to detect in a normal body movement. This massage helps people stretch and work out more in those areas till they heal and avoid issues that could probably affect their mobility or general well-being.

According to Fogarty. (2022), massage therapy helps boost individuals' moods by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. Therefore, people can have better moments all day long. Massage sessions act as painkillers, mainly when the masseur uses bare hands on the individual's bare skin. Barehanded massage activates a brain part that is activated by an opioid painkiller.


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